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Hire A Sexy Waitress or Bartender In Charlotte

sexy beer girl
Party planning in Charlotte isn’t easy; what can you do to make your event different from everyone else? Consider hiring an attractive party host, perky hostess, a sexy topless bartender or a winning bikini waitress to serve your guests. A pretty girl can do more than just serve you beer. She can dress up in pink lingerie and stockings or show off in a skimpy bikini. Our inviting staff is not only attractive but also have outgoing and fun loving personalities that will leave your guest laughing and enjoying your house party all the more.

Topless Bartender

topless bartender rentals Charlotte
When a first impression really matters then it’s time to rent a topless bartender. If your party can handle a hot women showing a lot of skin then this is the way to go. Perfect for a bachelor party in Charlotte.

Bikini Waitress

Hire a bikini waitress in Charlotte
If you are wanting something that is just a little bit sexy a waitress in a sexy costume is one option. An excellent choice for events with a mixed crowd. A bikini waitress is also fun for adult events.

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Call us with any questions you may have about hiring a bikini bartender in Charlotte or a topless waitress anywhere in the area. Let us help you set up a lively event.

15 great excuses to hire a sexy bartender or server

Hire a sexy bartender for a bachelor party
  1. Bachelor party
  2. Birthdays
  3. Office Events
  4. Private Party
  5. House Party
  6. Fraternity Event
  7. Retirement Party
  8. Poker Party
  9. Guys Night Out
  10. Pool Party
  11. Christmas Parties
  12. Halloween Party
  13. Labor Day Weekend
  14. Party at the Lake
  15. Going Away
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